About Us

We are a eco-friendly disposable packaging supplier located in Malaysia. We have been developing new products with some of the Global leading sustainable packaging manufacturers around the world to develop a sustainable packaging solution.

In line with Malaysia government to reduce waste and plastic packaging, we supply disposable packaging that requires much less resources and energy than virgin packaging, and gives new life to materials that would otherwise be wasting away in the landfill. Just as exciting, by making recycled packaging a norm, we are strengthening the overall market for recycling, which will help motivate more and more companies to invest in the technology and logistics that can make recycling and recycled products commonplace long-term.

Our mission is to educate and provide a sustainable packaging solution while maintaining it as cost effective as possible

Our vision is to reduce the plastic pollution. We encourage people to reduce the usage of plastic material packaging to protect our mother earth. We provide eco-friendly packaging solutions that meet our customers’ aesthetic, environmental and performance goals.

Let's go beyond, go eco-friendly!